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Tips to help you pick the house that is best positioned

Posted by Team SGHomez on March 19, 2019
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So, you are ready to buy your very first flat. It can be a life-changing experience, considering the time and financial commitment. Then there are the decisions to make. Which location to pick, does the direction the door faces matter and is high-rise better? It can be quite a daunting affair.

If you are into Feng Shui , here are some tips to help you pick the house that is best positioned to bring your family health, wealth and everything nice.

 THE HIGHER THE BETTER: As they say, higher is always better, and this applies to Feng Shui as well. The higher up you are 🏨, the air is fresher, which definitely helps in the energy flow, or Chi.

 KEEP THE COAST CLEAR: Avoid having any sharp object facing your front door, such as the rubbish chute, sharp corners of a corridor or lamp posts facing your door (if you are living on the ground or lower floors). The general rule is, the clearer the line of sight in front of your door, the better. Otherwise, these objects may cause chaos to the chi or energy entering your flat.

 AVOID FACING ELEVATOR: Try not to pick units directing facing the lift. With the lift opening and closing, there’s too much busy energy, which isn’t ideal. Some even liken the opening of the lift door to a fierce animal opening its mouth for a meal. This angry energy is best avoided!

 REGULAR UNITS ARE BETTER: Any Square or rectangle configuration is the best. Irregular- shaped units 🌃(which are not very common these days anyway) should be avoided as they affect the energy flow.

 THE NEIGHBOURHOOD: Good Feng Shui doesn’t just stop at your unit. The location matters too. The surroundings of your home can have an effect on the quality of energy entering your home. A clean neighbourhood with friendly neighbours and young families 👨‍👨‍👧are always preferred.

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